Today we honored a hero, Joe Webken. By the grace of God, Joe Webken, from the Findlay Implement store location was home on Sunday afternoon, December 9th, 2018. He was just about to lay down to take a nap when he heard a woman screaming for help outside of his home. Joe looked out the window to see a woman run back into the neighbor’s house. He grabbed his boots and coat and headed over to see what was wrong.
Joe, upon entering his neighbor’s house, immediately saw the lady on a cell phone and an infant child, blue and laying on the couch. After a very quick exchange of words with the Mom, Joe immediately determined that the child was choking, so he picked up the infant, turned him on his side and began patting the infants back to dislodge whatever the infant was choking on. Joe ended up on the cell phone with the EMS and was communicating with them while working on the infant. Joe was about to start CPR when the baby took a breath. Just prior to this breath, Joe had thought to himself that he lost the baby. He went from a truly sad moment to an elated moment with that baby’s first breath. As there are truly good Samaritans among us, Joe Webken is truly one of them. This baby’s life was saved by Joe’s actions.
Joe has since followed up with the Grandparents who live in the house Joe entered. Evidently their daughter had stopped to change her infant’s diaper at her parent’s house before proceeding on to a Christmas party that everyone else was at. Joe learned that the infant was premature at birth and that he just had a double hernia surgery earlier in the week. They now believe that the infant had swallowed and was choking on its own vomit. The baby had been in the hospital with respiratory issues since Sunday and was finally released this past Thursday.
Joe is often a quiet yet very caring employee. Please take the time to acknowledge Joe Webken for his heroic act as Joe is a hero among us. Joe lives in Ft. Jennings, Ohio, and he was where he was supposed to be on December 9th, 2018.