Bulk Oil Program

John Deere Bulk Oil at FIC Dealerships


FIC Dealerships is authorized to sell John Deere oil in bulk quantities to our customers at a lower cost. Customers can choose to pick up their oil from our dealerships or may choose to have it delivered directly to their farm.

Convenience: free delivery to your farm*

Cost Savings: lower cost per gallon compared to buckets or drums

Extended Lifetime: formulated to perform up to 500 hours in your
John Deere engine

Versatile Application: one solution for engines of any age

Product Guarantee: John Deere and FIC Dealerships stand behind our oil with our Limited Performance Warranty

Less Waste: less containers around your operation

Quality Oil: developed for John Deere by John Deere

In store pickups scheduled monthly. | Minimum on farm capacity 160 gallons total oil. | Minimum refill quantity 125 gallons of total fluid.

Plus-50™ II Engine Oil 15W-40

  • Designed and tested by John Deere for John Deere engines.
  • Formulated to perform up to 500 hours in your John Deere engine
  • Next generation low ash CK-4 formula.
  • Supports engines with diesel particulate filters, including 2007 and newer on-highway vehicles.
  • Backward compatible for all current applications.
  • Increased drain intervals when used with John Deere fluids.

Hy-Gard™ Hydraulic/Transmission Oil

  • Recommended for equipment with common system reservoirs or separate
    transmissions, wet clutches, brakes, and hydraulic systems.
  • Saves you money by prolonging your systems.
  • Viscosity between ISO grades of 46 and 68 at 104°F (40°C).
  • Works well in all temperatures.

John Deere Bulk Oil Single Tanks

John Deere bulk oil dual tank systems

John Deere bulk oil accessories

*All tanks are 36”LX36”W. **Pricing does not include freight. ***Pricing subject to change.
See dealer for details.

John Deere Bulk Oil Discount

John Deere bulk oil discount

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