Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

FIC Dealerships is happy to offer a range of integrated solutions and services that maximize the performance of your machines and your business. To better assist customers with Autotrac, Mapping, Section Control, GPS, and other related AMS equipment questions we are introducing the Precision Ag Support Line.  If you are looking for assistance for these products, please call the support line at 419-492-6301.

You can also contact us through AgriSync. Download the free app and search FIC Dealerships to contact us directly through the app.  You will be able to track your support ticket and communicate with pictures, video, and chat about issues through the app.  It can also be used to open a ticket rather than call to notify us of an issue or question you may have. You can find more information about AgriSync here.

Precision Ag Support Line: 419-492-6301

Data On The Go

integrated solutions

MyAnalyzer™ and MyOperations are compatible with Apple® iOS® 8 operating system and newer devices.

John Deere Operations Center 

Enables access to farm information anytime, anywhere and is compatible with computers, tablets, phones and other internet capable devices. It provide growers and their partners the ability to analyze, edit, and make collaborative decisions from the same set of information to optimize logistics, plans and direct in-field work, increasing yield and profitability.

MyAnalyzer™ App

  • Utilize documented map layers to ground truth recorded data and for insights into the effectiveness of farming practices.
  • View or send data via text or email to another person to aid in conversations with advisers and landlords.
  • Access product performance as it is being harvested to aid in seed selection decisions for next year.

MyOperations App

  • Evaluate expected versus actual performance of job execution and machine utilization and allows you to monitor field activities.
  • Improve logistics, efficiency, and productivity through knowledge of current acres worked, fuel levels, and idle time.
  • Enhance confidence – the job is being done through quality metrics.

Data Made Easy

Why wait when you can have it quicker?

Wireless Data Transfer

Uptime is a producer’s most valuable asset. WDT is a tool that can keep operators moving while being setup for successful execution and ability to document data correctly. Less operator interaction with importing and exporting data allows for more time to continue with the job at hand. With increased uptime, producers can experience:

  • More time spent on decisions versus running files to and from the field.
  •  Ability to monitor data and identify documentation problems earlier.
  •  Reduce operator time spent importing and exporting data

Mobile Data Transfer

Transfer files immediately to and from operators in field. Exporting data creates a seamless portal to and from the Operations Center and enables immediate access to business critical information. It allows growers and their trusted advisers to wireless share data with one another via their preferred cellular provider without having to waste time and resources traveling to exchange a data storage device.

John Deere MDT utilizes a USB to Wi-Fi device. In order to export files from an in-cab display then sends those files directly to the Operations Center of MyJohnDeere using a smartphone. Additionally, setup and prescription files can be pulled from the My Files section of the Operations Center account while in a machine in the field.

Accurate Data

FIC MyData Package | $500/Year

This covers all things data. When you try to tackle understanding your data, you never know what you might need. FIC Dealerships is here to help create reports, comparing results, and help you find the details you want to about your operation. Four visits a year, we have you covered.

Preseason Visits

  • Seed variety loading.
  • Boundary management.
  • Guidance line reviews.
  • Saving to machine/card

Inseason Visits

  • Weekly check on John Deere Operations Center.
  • Guidance lines review.
  • Saving to machine/card.
  • Remote Display Access session to verify operation. (WDT, RDA, and JDlink Connect required.)

Postseason Visits

  • Verify data loaded from all farms and fields.
  • Printing of map books.
  • Summary reporting.
  • Post calibrate when applicable.

Machine Optimization

The data you collect is only as accurate as the information you put in. Inputting the correct set up data and having correct measurements are crucial to getting accurate data. Let our Integrated Solutions Consultants help you to get it right the first time. We will come pre-season or in season to assist you with whatever you need assistance with.

Next Level Training

Whether you struggle with the first day seasonal blues or wanting to learn more about the systems you have. The Next Level training series from FIC Dealerships is here for you.

  • Most sessions to be held at FIC’s training room at Owens Community College in Findlay.
  • Held in Jan, Feb, March, July, August, September, November, & December.
  • No fees* for those with active Next Level support packages. (Mydata, Yield Calibartion, software, etc).
  • Specific sessions for displays, Operations Center, optimizing section control settings, machine feature optimization, and more.
  • Keep up on what’s new with your John Deere Technology.
  • Get tips and tricks to help simplify operating your AMS equipment.

In-field Hands on Training

Do you or your operators prefer hands on training in the field? Well we can help with that too. We’ll schedule a time to come and work with you and your operators. Get a refresher on operating your systems or do infield start up optimization of your equipment.

Schedule Next Level Training

*Next level support plan of $450 or more must be purchased annually for the no fees promotion of Next Level Training. Without a current agreement a fee of $50/person per session will be charged.

Remote Support

FIC Dealerships Connected Support | Basic $0*

JDLink Acces + RDA

Enable your 3G or 4G LTE machines to be remotely connected to you, your operators, and our dealerships.

Limit your down time and be able to review your equipment’s performance at a moments notice. JDlink Access enables you to know your machines by utilizing Remote Display Access, Location History, Maintenance tracking, Code alerts & deletion, machine performance, and much more.

Let FIC Service connect with a machine through Service ADVISOR™ Remote diagnostics system to diagnose what is needed to keep the operator running.

*Free promotional program expiration date is indefinite. Fees may apply when promotion expires. See dealer for hardware and software compatibility, additional items may be required.

FIC Dealerships Connected Support | Premium

Get all the features of JDLink Access Plus

  • Wireless Data Transfer capability
  • Access to John Deere Operations Center
  • Machine Sync Capability – Map Sharing | Guidance Line Sharing

JDLink Connect Subscription per JDlink Terminal

  • Tier-1 $600/year
  • Tier-2 $400/year (2-10 units)
  • Tier-3 $300/year (11+ units)

*Pricing & Terms subject to change. See dealer to verify current pricing.

In-Field Support

$400 My Software

Standard Spring and Fall AMS update on farm for:

  • Receivers, Displays, Autotrac Universals, & Greenstar Rate Controllers.
  • Review Tractor, Combine, Planter controller versions. Update as advised.*
  • Inspection of touchscreen displays.
  • Review of screen memory capacity

$550 Advanced Package 

  • In-Field Phone support.
  • Optimization overview of display and machine settings.
  • Wireless Data Transfer Set-up.
  • Service Advisor Remote Assistance
  • APEX and Support (Limited to set up and FIC’s Basic Training)
  • Unlimited Remote Display Access Support (Requires: 2630 Display with Ethernet Cable & JD Link™ Access.)

Yield Calibration (Choose 1)

Service includes two calibration sessions (ex: 1 time soybeans, 1 time corn)

One-Time Soybean, One-Time Corn

  • $550 Early sign up until September 1st
  • $600 Sign Up After September 1st

A la Cart Options

  • $375 One-Time Combine or Grain Cart Only
  • $300 Additional Calibration Session or Grain Cart Addition

*If purchaser does not use calibration sessions no refunds will be given in return for unused services. This service is to complete the Yield Calibration only. If set-up and overview of combine or AMS components is desired that will be in addition to this program.

Please notify IS Consultants Hotline at 419-492-6301 to arrange your calibration service, 24 hours notice is requested for scheduling purposes

Data Privacy Policy

We at Findlay Implement Co. greatly appreciate your business as a customer and understand the importance of your privacy. It is of great concern that your information you provide to us for our daily business is protected and safe.

RTK Network

Take advantage of our highest level of accuracy, speed, and repeat-ability with our dealer owned RTK Network. By utilizing our network you are able to use RTK signal without the worry of maintaining your own base stations.

*Coverage restrictions and availability may apply. See an IS consultant for details