W260 Windrower

  • Integrated AutoTrac™ delivers faster cutting speeds while maintaining crop quality.
  • Constant Header Speed allows you to set and maintain the best header speed for the crop and conditions, regardless of ground or engine speed.
  • The W260 is JDLink enabled. You or your dealer can remotely monitor the machine to ensure optimal operation and keep tabs on routine maintenance.
Model 6.8L PSS Final Tier 4
Horsepower At 2,400 rpm: 193.9 kW
260 hp
Exhaust direction Vertical
Engine displacement 414 cu in.
6.8 L
Engine speeds Low idle
900 rpmVariable idle
Electronic adjustable from 1,700 to 2,450 rpmHigh idle (no load)
2,450 rpmRated speed
2,400 rpm
Oil crankcase capacity (with filter) 31.4 L
33.2 U.S. qt
Cooling system 49.2 L
52 U.S. qt

Ground drive

Type 2-speed hydrostatic

Hydraulic platform drive

Number of pumps (Rotary/Auger) 1
Number of motors (Rotary/Auger) 1
Pump displacement 89 cm3
5.43 cu in.
Motor displacemen Per revolution: 75.4 cm3
Per revolution: 4.6 cu in.

Final drives

Type Planetary double reduction heavy duty
Ratio 36.8:1
Type Hydraulic piston accumulator
Reservoir capacity 94.5 L
25 U.S. gal.
Type / Activation Parking brake automatically engages and disengages integrated into hydro handle
Overall length without platform 5,900 mm
225.5 in.
Overall height 3,760 mm
148 in.
Under frame clearance 1,120 mm
44 in.
Wheelbase 3,400 mm
142 in.
Tread width 3,710 mm
146 in.


Front axle 4732 kg
10432 lb
Rear axle 2616 kg
5768 lb
Total 7348 kg
16200 lb
Drive wheel standard 520/80R38 radial bar
Drive wheel option Bias button, 480/80R38 149A8 R1 radial bar (required on 994-4m platform)
Caster wheels 14Lx16.1 8-ply ribbed